1. Preparation of traditional cheese
  2. A shoemaker called “skarparis” or “tsaggaris”, who mainly used to make boots for farming works in the old years.
  3. A tinker applying stannum on cooper utensils
  4. Traditional weaving
  5. A woman dealing with basketry
  6. Making of the delicious sweet called “loukoumades”.
  7. Traditional embroiderer.
  8. The mattress carder
  9. Lighting of the boiler used for the preparation of the traditional alcohol drink of “Zivania”.
  10. Making of wooden flutes.
  11. Loading of corves on donkeys
  12. Stepping on grapes
  13. Church of Agios Georgios
  14. Church of Agios Mamas
  15. Church of Agia Paraskevi
  16. A stone-built house with a wooden door and windows.
  17. A tiled narrow alley
  18. Beautiful coloured roses.
  19. A wonderful pink rose
  20. An abloom garden